So, I haven’t written anything like this in… a very long time. But it came to me, so… here it is. It’s also posted on my facebook, so if it looks familiar, that’s why.

Inspired by this picture, stolen gratuitously from flickr.

He heard the first announcement for his flight and made his way from the coffee shop to his gate. But he never made it there. He made it as far as Gate G before stopping and finding a row of empty, uncomfortable, faux-padded metal chairs. He sat.

The second announcement sounded, echoing dully through the terminal. He wished he cared. It hardly seemed to matter, whether the flight took him back home to his empty apartment or if it went back without him.

The third announcement, final call, and families sprinting down the walkways, hauling children in a thousand different directions, and he sat. He picked a plane that he thought might have been the one he was supposed to be on, but he didn’t really know and it didn’t really matter, and watched it pull slowly away from the gate. It turned in that slow and ponderous way airplanes seemed to.

It turned its back on him and he let it go.


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